LOL Surprise Free Party Printable Juice Pouch Labels

LOL Surprise Free Party Printable Juice Pouch Labels

Are you planning a party for your little one and looking for that extra special touch? Look no further! We are excited to offer our free L.O.L Surprise Party favors juice pouch labels printable.

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These labels are the perfect addition to any themed party, adding a fun and personalized touch to your child's favorite juice pouches. Simply print out the labels on adhesive paper, cut them out, and apply them to the juice pouches for an easy and affordable party favor.

 L.O.L Surprise   Juice pouch Labels

L.O.L Surprise Juice Pouch Printable Supplies & Assembly

All you need are a few simple supplies:


1. Print on White Sticker Paper

For best results, print on glossy waterproof sticker Paper

2. Cut out labels
3. Pull off the label backing
4. Apply label to either side of  Capri Sun or Koolaid Jammers Juice Pouches

if applied to the front, first use a small hole puncher to the hole on the label then apply.

We hope these L.O.L Surprise Party favors juice pouch labels add that extra something special to your child's celebration.



All of our Free printables are for personal use only, and should not be shared, altered, or resold. Commercial use is not allowed. Respect these terms, and you can expect tons more freebies!

Happy party planning!



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