My Melody and Kuromi Party Ideas for a 13th Birthday Celebration

My Melody and Kuromi Party Ideas for a 13th Birthday Celebration

My daughter recently celebrated her thirteenth birthday with a unique My Melody and Kuromi-themed party!

For those unfamiliar, My Melody is a cute, cheerful little rabbit character who loves adventure and has many friends from the forest.

Kuromi is a mischievous bunny-like creature with her own unique style. She loves to play pranks or tricks on people, but also loves to have fun!

They’re both Sanrio characters, who are also the creators of Hello Kitty.

Even though both characters are very popular,  there weren't many party decoration options available for this theme. We managed to put together some creative ideas that really added to the fun and made it an unforgettable day for her!

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With limited decorations options available, we were thankful to have found this Kuromi Birthday Party Supplies package - it included a backdrop, cake topper, invitations, banner, tableware and stickers - all of which added great flair to the room.

The only issue I had was with the print quality of the plates; they seemed a bit blurry compared to the other items.

However, considering everything else that was included in this package, it is a great value for your money.



I found this bright purple and black "Happy 13th Birthday" banner — which made for the perfect backdrop.

The backdrop was easy to set up,vibrant in color, and helped transform  our dining room into an amazing party space. The quality of the backdrop was excellent and made for great photos. Highly recommend!



13th Purple Birthday Balloons 

The package included 16 PCS printed "13th Happy Birthday" balloons, including 4 pcs white balloons, 4 pcs light purple balloons, 4 pcs dark purple balloons and 4 pcs confetti balloons.


40 Inch Hot Pink 13 Number Balloons

Both balloon numbers blew up easily with an Electric Balloon Blower Pump, it also came with a straw to inflate and deflate the balloons.



Arch Backdrop Stand

The Arch Backdrop Stand was the perfect addition to my banner and balloon display! Not only did it look spectacular, but also assembling it was a breeze. It's exceptionally stable as well - I can definitely vouch for its reliability!


Balloon Garland Kit

To create her balloon garland, I used this Balloon Garland Kit, consisting of 18-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch, and 5-inch metallic balloons in conjunction with this Black Balloons Latex Party Kit which was perfect to add to the backdrop stand.

 The balloons were bright, colorful, and vibrant. They also stayed inflated for the entirety of the event.

Fluffy Area Rug

To complete the look I added this area rug  to cover the floor for the photo backdrop. Afterwards my daughter joyfully reused it in her bedroom!

Adding an area rug as part of your party decor can be a great way to add a touch of style and flair.

Purple Sequin Tablecloth 

This tablecloth was the perfect addition to our decor! The vibrant colors added a touch of sparkle and glamour that really made the room shine. The fabric itself was very durable and really worked great with all of our other decorations.

I'm so glad that I chose this tablecloth because it brought all the decorations together and made the event special.

Highly recommend if you're looking to add a touch of style to your next celebration!



Since my daughter loves to dance. we decided to let everyone enjoy the popular video game Just Dance!

The kids all had a blast dancing and singing along, and even adults got in on the fun.


Here are some fun activities to liven up the event

  • Drawing competition inspired by Sanrio artwork


  • Scavenger hunt throughout the house using clues about our characters.


  • DIY photo booth – Create an instant photoshoot area with fun props, backdrops and lighting options! Don’t forget to print out the photos right away so that everyone can take home some memories from the night.


  • Indoor camping – Set up tents in your living room or backyard if you have one available - this is perfect for a sleepover party! Include all the essentials like flashlights, sleeping bags and board games for maximum enjoyment.


  • Personalized cookies decorating – Bake some large sugar cookies in advance (or buy them) then let each guest decorate theirs with various toppings or icing according to their individual preferences.


  • Karaoke battle – Divide into teams of two or four depending on how many people are attending your party and host a karaoke competition between them for prizes of course! Not only will this help boost confidence but it will also be an amazing way to bond too!


  • Movie marathon night – Snuggle up on the couch with snacks like popcorn and pick out your favorite movies together as they watch long into the night while exchanging thoughts throughout different scenes in each filmYou could also Create fun activities 



For the birthday girl's special day, we served up her favorite hot wings and a delicious spinach cheese dip with chips.

Personalized Party Favors

I made custom party favors that included some of my daughter's favorite snacks. Zebra cakes, Mother's Circus Animal CookiesMini Powdered Donuts, Takis chips,Pocky sticks.

Also made her personalized Goodies bags that I filled with Kuromi Bookmarks, Pens, Sticky Notes, Stickers, Buttons, and Keychains. 



DIY Snack Stand



We were able to order a  pink and black custom-designed cake online from Walmart that perfectly matched the party theme - it looked amazing! With the cupcake toppers from the Kuromi Birthday Party Supplies package, we added the perfect finishing touch to complete the look of the cake.



She wanted a Loungefly Sanrio My Melody & Kuromi Backpack however it was sold out on the Loungefly website and I wasn’t able to find one anywhere else until I stumbled upon one on Mercari - at an unbeatable price too!


We hope these ideas have inspired you to start planning an unforgettable My Melody & Kuromi party!


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