Fun Ideas for a Carnival or Circus-Themed Birthday Party

Fun Ideas for a Carnival or Circus-Themed Birthday Party

 Planning a carnival-themed birthday party can be an exciting and fun adventure. With so many possibilities, you can customize the celebration to fit your child’s unique interests and tastes.

Create a spectacular atmosphere with vibrant colors, classic circus elements, and festive games that will make the day unforgettable. From the decorations to the favors, get ready to start planning a carnival birthday party that your guests will love!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Get your guests excited for the carnival birthday celebration with these festive invitation ideas:

• Print out carnival tickets for guests to use as admission into the party.

 Include classic circus elements in your design, like carousels, popcorn machines and bright striped tents.

• Incorporate fun phrases and puns such as "Come one, come all" or “It’s time for some Big Top fun!”



• Use bright colors to give your space a circus atmosphere. Try setting up a red & white striped tent or large balloons in different sizes and colors around the room.

• Hang streamers, stars, hand-painted signs, and other decorations from the ceiling or around furniture.

•Set out creative props like clown noses, mustaches, big bows and jester hats so guests can dress up for photos!

• Create a sign with your child’s name as the star of the show and hang it above the entryway.

• String lights across the walls or around tables for extra twinkles of light in the room.

• Set up centerpieces featuring colorful playthings like balls, stuffed animals, pinwheels, bubbles and popcorn!

Food and Drinks

Treat your guests to a delicious carnival-themed menu at your child’s birthday party! Here are some fun food and beverage ideas for a memorable celebration:

• Serve circus-themed snacks like popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts, and soft pretzels.


 Offer single serving desserts like cupcakes, fortune cookies, jellybeans, lollipops and other treats inspired by the circus.


• Add an extra touch of sweetness to the occasion with ice cream sundaes topped with sprinkles and candies.


• Serve up playful drinks like bright fountain soda or special punches and juices in mason jars or plastic cups with colorful paper straws.


Games and Activities

Make your child's carnival birthday party extra fun with these exciting games and activities!

• For toddlers and young kids, set up a bean bag toss, ring toss, fish bowl game or balloon pop—all of which are classic carnival activities.


• Have an old-fashioned photo booth complete with props like clown noses and funny glasses.


• Set up a cupcake eating race where the winner gets an extra prize - it will be sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces!

• Face painting is always a hit at any birthday party. Hire a professional artist or have older kids help out with face art project ideas.


 Give out prizes to the winners of games or have a prize table stocked with carnival favorites like stuffed animals, toys, and candy.


Party Favors

Put a fun spin on the end of your circus-themed birthday party with personalized favor bags! These personalized Circus Birthday party favor bags are sure to be a hit at any carnival or circus-themed party

Fill them with chips, popcorn, candy, small toys, and other fun treats for your party.

When it comes to throwing an unforgettable birthday celebration, carnival-themed parties have something for everyone. With bright colors, exciting games, and classic circus elements, your carnival birthday party will be a hit among kids and adults alike. From invitations to favors, there are endless possibilities when planning a carnival-themed gathering that children of all ages will enjoy. Make sure to include plenty of fun activities and treats to keep the party going!

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