Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

Ready to plan a delightful Alice in Wonderland tea party for your mini Mad Hatters? Whether it be your little girl, tween, or teen daughter's special day- make it one they'll never forget Here are some fun and creative ideas to help bring the storybook vibes alive:

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When my daughter celebrated her 14th birthday, she chose to have an Alice in Wonderland-themed Tea party. Here are some of the ideas we used to make it truly magical.





I purchased this Mad Hatter Birthday Backdrop 84x60 inch. The quality of the fabric and design is excellent, however, it did arrive slightly wrinkled from being folded, which is to be expected. My only issue is that some of the words printed on the backdrop are backward.


Pastel Balloon Garland Kit

This balloon kit included all of the supplies needed to create a stunning balloon garland. It included multiple pastel colors 5" balloons(50pcs), 10" balloons(50pcs), 18" balloons(10pcs), 1 roll of  balloons strip tape, and 1 roll of 100 balloons glue dots.

Grass Placemats  

To give the table a unique and whimsical look I used these artificial grass placemats. The placemats looked like real grass with a high-quality, realistic texture and color, and they added an air of enchantment to our party decor.

Best of all, the placemats were easy to set up, washable, and reusable so I could store them away for future events.

The set came with 4 fake grass squares that measure 12 x 12 x 1.2 inches. I highly recommend artificial grass placemats for anyone looking for an easy and cost-effective way to dress up for any event.

Ruffle Table Skirt

I used a white ruffle table skirt to wrap around the table. The skirt added a touch of whimsy and charm to the whole setup. Not only did it look beautiful but it also brought out the vibrant colors of the artificial grass placemats that I had used on the table.


Realistic Fake Roses

I was truly impressed with the quality and realism of the flowers. They look exactly like real roses and are made with high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. I used some of them on top of the table, and I simply removed the stems and attached them around my white ruffle table skirt with hot glue. I highly recommend this product for those looking for an elegant way to add some beauty and charm to any event or occasion.

40 Inch Large 14 Balloon Numbers 

The rose gold color looked amazing and really added an elegant touch to the event. They were easy to inflate using an Electric Balloon Blower Pump, it also came with a straw to inflate  the balloons. 

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

I would highly recommend these balloons to anyone looking to add a fun, stylish touch to their celebration!


We started off by having the kiddos dress up as characters from Alice's in Wonderland -  which included Alice herself and The White Rabbit. Everyone got fully into character, which made for some fantastic photos!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas


On her special day, the birthday girl wanted to stand out and dress uniquely without forsaking the party's theme. She decided to go with this Mingyuezai Print Bunny dress. 

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas



The colors in this dress were vibrant and matched the theme of Alice's tea party perfectly! My daughters looked absolutely adorable. The quality of the material was top-notch, and I'm sure it will last through multiple wears. All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this dress.

Mingyuezai Cute and Gorgeous Print Bunny Band Sleeveless JSK Princess Halloween Christmas Weekend Party Dress Three-Piece


Then we sat down for a Mad Hatter's tea party. We had all sorts of delicious treats that were fitting of the theme - including cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and sandwiches.

My daughter is an inspiring artist so created some custom Alice in Wonderland coloring and activity books that she loved.


Coloring Book Template

Coloring Book Template

This easy-to-use template  makes creating custom coloring book party favors a snap. Just upload your own photos, add some text, and voila! You've got one-of-a-kind party favors that are sure to be a hit with everyone.

These coloring books are perfect for all ages, and make a great keepsake for guests of all ages. They're also a great way to keep little ones entertained at the party. 


Here are some more creative Alice in Wonderland Tea Party activities to add even more fun and excitement!

  • Have an outdoor tea party - set up a fancy outdoor space complete with a beautiful tablecloth, teapot, tea cups and cookies.


  • Play Alice in Wonderland themed games - Croquet is the classic; but you can also play word games using the passages from the book.


  • Host a Mad Hatter’s tea party - dress up as Alice, The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit for an extra special twist to the usual tea party! Decorate plates with silly hats and switch up who sits where to make things more interesting.


  • Create your own Alice in Wonderland themed scavenger hunt - lead the teens around town or at home, collecting objects that fit with the story line (think Cheshire Cat grins, white rabbits, top hats).


  • Bake special treats inspired by your favorite characters - Alice cupcakes anyone? Macarons adorned with Queen of Hearts emblems? You decide what delights appeal most to you and your guests!


  • Have fun making crafts related to Alice in Wonderland—draw playing cards fit for a Queen on some old cardboard boxes or make paper cutouts of the tea party table guests using construction paper and glitter glue!


  • Re-create famous scenes from the movie together - have teens act out their interpretations of different events from when Alice first falls down into Wonderland through to her final confrontation at The Red Queen’s Palace.

Food & Beverages

We served delicious treats such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and sandwiches.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas


A tea party would not be complete without tea! While on a spontaneous shopping trip to Ross Dress for Less, I stumbled upon a variety pack of flavored green tea featuring ginger peach, strawberry, and lemon mint! They enjoyed sampling each of the different flavors.


I wasn’t able to find the exact brand that I purchased to share, however, I did find a similar variety pack of flavored green tea on Amazon.


This Pink teapot perfect size,The quality of the teapot was excellent. Overall, I would highly recommend this teapot for anyone who is looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to serve tea at any event. It's well worth the price and will make your party extra special!

These 8 oz cappuccino cups and saucers were just the right size for our tea cups.

By utilizing HWTK's Ready-to-Edit Template, I was able to create personalized "Drink Me" Hawaiian punch juice bottle labels. 

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas



For her cake, We picked up a pre-made cake from the grocery store. To customize it I used this  Happy 14th Birthday Cake Topper set and added some Alice in Wonderland clipart characters that I made using my Cricut machine. 

I loved these edible butterflies they were a great addition to my daughter's cake! The butterflies were easy to use and kept their shape very well. They looked beautiful when placed on her cake, adding a colorful yet elegant touch.


Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas







Alice in Wonderland bundle, Alice sublimation designs digital download, Cheshire cat, Alice clipart, African American, png graphics, cricut

Personalized Party Favors 

These charming goody bags featuring Alice, tea cups, and some of her new friends were perfect for filling with all sorts of fun party favors and added an extra special touch to the party table.




Our Alice in Wonderland tea party was a huge success! From the delicious food, fun activities, and fabulous decorations, it was an event to remember.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning an Alice in Wonderland tea party. I hope we've inspired you to create your own magical day that everyone will remember for years to come.

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Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

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