Celebrate Juneteenth with Our Free Party Printables

Celebrate Juneteenth with Our Free Party Printables

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. This year, as we celebrate and educate ourselves on the significance of this day, why not make it extra special with a fun and creative party with your loved ones?  We've got you covered with our free Juneteenth party printables. 

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Our free Juneteenth printables are perfect for adding some extra flair to your party while celebrating this momentous occasion. 

All you need to do is download the PDF files at the end of this post, print, and assemble. Let's get started!

To get started, gather the following supplies:

1. Download the PDF files: At the end of this post, you'll find the downloadable PDF files for all of our Juneteenth party printables.

2. Print

Print out the Chip bags and Rice Krispie treat wrappers, using your glossy photo paper. Print juice pouch labels using waterproof sticker paper. Make sure to follow the printer's instructions, and adjust the settings if necessary.


5. Assemble 

Chip Bags| Treat Bags

juenteenth printables

Once you have printed the labels, it's time to start assembling the treat bags.

  • FOLD: Lay the label face down and fold over the left and right flaps until the back wording/images are facing up. This will create a light crease and form the back of your chip bag.
  • APPLY ADHESIVE: While the label is still face-down, use double-sided tape or hot glue to attach the right side to the left. Overlap the white section.
  • SEAL THE BOTTOM: Next, seal the bottom of the bag closed.
  • FILL YOUR BAG: Fill the bag with your desired small goodies.
  • SEAL THE TOP: Once your bag is filled, use double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to securely seal the top.

     Rice Krispie Treats

    juenteenth printablesCut out your wrappers either by hand with scissors or using a paper cutter.

    Fold the two sides back making a lite crease. Next with the image face, down,

    • Place your Rice Krispies Treat in the middle.
    • Fold both ends over the Krispies Treat one side overlapping the other
    • Use your choice of adhesive glue like double-sided tape or hot glue and adhere all the ends to seal.

       Optional:  For added flair, you can use a paper crimper to crimp the edges of the treat bags and rice treats wrappers.


      Juice Pouch Labels

      Juenteenth printables

      Apply label to either side of Capri Sun or Koolaid Jammers Juice Pouches. If applied to the front, first use a small hole puncher to the hole on the label then apply 

       If you're not using sticker paper, simply use double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to adhere the label to the pouch.

      With our free Juneteenth party printables, you can easily create a festive atmosphere for your celebration. These treat bags, juice pouch labels, and Rice Krispie treats wrappers are not only fun and eye-catching, but they're also simple to put together. So, go ahead and download the PDF files below, gather your supplies, and let's get this party started!

      Download the Juneteenth Party Printables Here:

      Chip Bag PDF File

      Juice Pouch Labels PDF File

      Rice Krispie Treats Wrapper PDF File


      Juneteenth is a time to honor and remember those who have been affected by slavery. So, spread the word and be sure to share this post with your friends and family! Everyone deserves to celebrate Freedom Day the right way!

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      Juneteenth Printables


      Happy Juneteenth! Celebrate freedom and enjoy your party! ✊🏾  


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