Teachers Appreciation Week  Free Printable| Chip Bag Template

Free Teacher Appreciation Printable| Chip Bag-Goodie Bag

With Teacher Appreciation Week around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by showering these extraordinary individuals with some well-deserved love and recognition? We know you're eager to show your appreciation, and we're here to help you do just that with our Free Teacher Appreciation Printable Goodie Bag!

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Every year, teachers work diligently to make learning accessible, exciting, and memorable for their students. They pour their hearts into molding young minds, arming them with knowledge and essential life skills. As they say, "Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions." Therefore, it's essential to take the time to show our gratitude to the educators who have made a lasting impact on our lives.


Free-Teachers- appreciation -printable


Here's how to get started with the Free Teacher Appreciation Goodie Bag Printable:

Get Started: Click and download the Free PDF file at the end of this post.

Materials Needed for Assembly: To create these teacher appreciation goodie bags, you will need the following supplies:

 - Glossy photo/brochure paper
- Double-sided tape or hot glue gun
- Paper crimper (optional)
- Designed to fit 1 oz chip bags


How to Print: For best results, print the design on glossy photo/brochure paper to get the brightest colors and most professional finish.


Follow these easy assembly instructions:

1. FOLD: Create a light crease by folding the right and left sides back, overlapping the white area. These two sides will form the back of your chip bag.


2. APPLY ADHESIVE: With the image face-down, use double-sided tape to adhere the right side to the left, overlapping the white.

Next, seal the bottom of the bag close.


3. FILL YOUR GOODIE BAGS: Get creative you can fill the bags with chips, gift cards, school supplies, or even some of those your teacher's favorite treats.


4. SEAL THE BAG: Once filled, use double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to securely seal the top closed.


OPTIONAL: For a more realistic chip bag look, use a paper crimper to crimp the top and bottom of your bag if desired.


Personalize your goodie bags: If you're interested in customizing your goodie bag,we offer an upgrade version of this design which allows you to personalize and print your design the same day. By upgrading, you can add your teacher's name, your child's name, and even a personalized message to make it extra special.


Now you're all set to create fun and meaningful gift bags for Teacher Appreciation Day or any celebratory event. Show your gratitude with this Free Teacher Appreciation Goodie Bag Printable and make a lasting impression on the educators who have impacted your life.


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